The Great Fusili

The Showman Alchemist


Dressed in his suit and top hat he appears well polished. His curly mustache and pointed beard greased to a permanent shine. His eyes intelligent and always shifting as if looking for new opportunities or perhaps threats. His grin makes you feel as if he always knows something you don’t. You feel like you may be getting swindled but its too good of a deal to pass up.

The Great Fusili or Roach as he was called growing up on the streets of a large bustling city. The only memory of his parents were when they sold him to the factory for a few copper pieces. It wasn’t long before he escaped the factory and turned to petty crime and pick pocketing to survive the harsh realities of life. For 3 years he ran with the gangs of the city surviving one day at a time until he tried to pick pocket the wrong guy. This was a great alchemist and swindler who knew the tricks of the trade. Roach was caught and forced into slavery by this man. This man used Roach as his assistant and for his experiments constantly forcing new concoctions on him. He controlled Roach through mind altering drugs and torture. Finally when Roach saw his opening to free himself he killed the man and stole his name. Born again as The Great Fusili he vowed to never again be powerless to others. He seeks to gain power and through power he will maintain his freedom. He is motivated by money only as another source to gain power. Though his life was tragic he keeps a facade of light heartededness about him so as others underestimate him. Through deception he can gain power over others when and if it is needed. He fears that which would threaten his freedom. The experiments as a child at the hands of the former Fusili left their own scars as he feels something growing inside his mind. Something gnawing away at his sanity. He seeks to master himself and the alchemical arts. He continually seeks to improve the potions and tonics he creates as well as the technology of the time. He hordes his knowledge to give him the edge over others.

The Great Fusili

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