Welcome to the the realm of Ravenloft. It is a world of fantasy Gothic horror, set in the Victorian era, at a time when the light of science is beginning to cast away the shadow of superstition and darkness. However, there are things that science and the logical mind cannot comprehend. Elder vampires, ancient family curses, the hungering undead and a bevy of other inconceivable terrors await the heroes of Ravenloft.

What sets a Ravenloft campaign apart from a standard fantasy setting is in part the morals. Nothing in Ravenloft is black and white. Fear, sanity and madness play a part in Ravenloft. All player characters actions have repercussions, for both themselves and others.

The occult and horror is a center focus for the campaign, and as such, I encourage the use of the occult handbook, and any character appropriate to the setting. No fucking samurais.

.The Wiki has links to the web pages as well as the PDF’s for all the rules necessary.

Ravenloft 1890

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